David Fandila 'El Fandi' was born in June 13 th, 1981 in Granada (Spain) after a very difficult pregnancy. David´s mother Trinidad Marin was in danger during her pregnancy because of a tumor growing close to the fetus. However, she decided not to listen to medical reccomendations and continued with the pregnancy. She had a lot of problems but finally David was born and the tumor was removed.

"It was a fight between David and Goliath. It was the reason I named my son David," said Trinidad.

During Trinidad´s pregnancy the brave mother dreamed of having a daughter because she already had one son, John Alvaro, from her marriage to the banderillero John Fandila. Her dream almost came true because when David was born a nurse made a mistake and exchanged him for a baby girl in the hospital. Fortunately, Trini noted the difference and retrieved her baby boy.

David lived his first years in a house in Abaizin but his parents found a stable job in the Sierra Nevada mountains. They worked as guards in a building. In Sierra Nevada David and his brother practiced skiing. They were very talented in various areas of the sport. Their specialities were Acrobatic Ski and Alpine Ski. The Spanish Federation Ski wanted the brothers to join its national team. David won some national competitions.

When David was four years old he began to practice bullfighting in Pradollano Square in the middle of the winter season. He dreamed of being a famous bullfighter and he practiced with papers and rags. David´s mother watched him from her house and she was surprised with his ability. When little David wanted to practice with the banderillas he stuck forks into the sofa as if it was a bull.

El Fandi could have been a champion skiier but he decided to be a famous bullfighter. The first time David acted in public was in September 30th, 1995 in Armilla (Granada). After a lot of novilladas, his first presentation as a novillero with horses was in April 19th, 1998 in Santa Fe (Granada). His companions that afternoon were John Contreras and John Torres. He fought bulls that belonged to Manuel Vidrié.

At the begining of  David´s career in the bullfighting world nothing was easy because he fought in difficult bullrings close to Madrid. He is a fantastic banderillero and a very brave bullfighter with a strong personality. Thanks to his apoderados Antonio Rodriguez and Manolo Martín he was in the top of the novilleros´s clasification in 1999 with 60 succesful bullfightes. That year he made his presentation in Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. He cut one ear from his second bull. The other bullfighters were David Vilariño and Rafael de Julia.

David finished his bullfights in 1999 with a succes at the Monumental de Frascuelo bullring in Granada. On October 31st, he killed six bulls that belonged to Fuente Ymbro and cut five ears. At that time there was a big change in his life because his career began to be directed by Emilio Miranda and Santiago López. Miranda was responsible for the Granada bullring and other bullrings and Santiago López was a veteran bullfighter and representative of bullfighters. They were important men in the bullfighting world.

Both of them relied on David because of his talent. They were from Granada and they thought David could be the famous bullfighter Granada was waiting for after a lot of years. But it was a long road because David had to improve a lot of things. They knew that the steps had to be necessarily slow and Santiago worked hard with him.

When 2000 began the challenge was clear. David would became a matador at the Corpus Fair in Granada. David fought many novilladas before his alternativa but in the last bullfight in June 11 he had an accident in Cieza (Murcia) with his second bull. He suffered a fracture in his right elbow. The alternativa was in danger but David decided to be in the Granada bullring against the recomendation of the bullring´s doctor,  Surgeon José Sánchez Ortíz. He warned David not to fight for more than one month. El Fandi visited Sport doctors from the High Performance Center in Sierra Nevada during the next few days.

Inspite of the fracture, the danger and the big pain he became a matador in June 18 th. That afternoon his colleagues were José María Manzanares and Julián López 'El Juli'. The bulls belonged to Hermanos García Jiménez. David wore special protection on his right arm but he had to fight mostly with his left arm. That day he was a hero. His first bull was named Elegant and the second Amargado. He cut two ears.

The nerve of David in that day had logical consequences. The effort made the fracture become worse and El Fandi couldn´t fight for six weeks. Because of this David finished that year with 14 novilladas, 29 bullfightes and an important regularity in the triumph. His way to the top had just began.

In 2001 the challenges were harder. The quantity of bullfights were bigger and David had to fight in more important bullrings. He triumphed another time in Granada, opened the big door in three bullfightes and surprised everyone with his bullfighting, his portentous banderillas, his ‘violin’, his variety with the capote, his progress with the muleta and his powerful sword. The triumph followed him in spite of a injury in his knee and the sume of his bullfights at the end of the year was 39. His average of ears every bullfight was the best of all the bullfighters clasification.

In 2002 the big test for El Fandi was Las Ventas bullring in Madrid where he had two bullfights in San Isidro Fair and other important fairs around Spain. In his first afternoon in Madrid El Fandi proved with Antonio Ferrera that they were the revelation bullfighters of the year.

He was an authentic cyclone in important bullrings like Valencia, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Bilbao, where he was seriously injured, Málaga, Murcia, Algeciras, Alicante, Badajoz and La Linea de la Concepción. 

Another time Granada’s bullring was one of the most important appointment. In Corpus Fair he triumphed three times and lived a memorable bullfight. He pardoned the life of Cortesano, a bull that belonged to Daniel Ruiz. It was not the only bull he pardoned that year because some months later he had another successfull afternoon with Gomero from Peralta in La Linea de la Concepción (Cádiz) and Hierbabuena from Santa Barbara in Baja California (Mexico). In total David has pardoned the life of eleven bulls in all his career.

His balance in Spain at the end of the year was 74 bullfights and he was know for his regularity in the triumph for another time. That winter David had his first bullfights in America where he conquered people’s feeling from México, Colombia, Venezuela, Perú and Ecuador.

In 2003 the list of triumphs was countless. He cut one tail in one of his three bullfights in Granada bullring and "enfandila" in the fairs of Castellón, Huelva, Santander, Zaragoza, Jaén...etc. He lost 30 bullfights because of a twisted ankle in Pontevedra (Galicia) so he couldn´t fight for more than a month. When the year finished the sum of bullfights was 73, where he cut 120 ears and 9 tails. In November 23 he cut two important ears in Mexico after a memorable bullfight.

The challengue in 2004 was to get 100 bullfights but he was injured in October in San Lucas Fair in Jaen and the dream was stopped when he had got 97 bullfights. It was one of his most important years and the evidence was his good bullfights in the most important bullrings from Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Córdoba, Zaragoza, San Sebastian and Barcelona. Prove of his success was his presentation in Barcelona like matador, his hand in hand with Enrique Ponce and Julián López 'El Juli' in Granada Fair, the Goyesca bullfight in Ronda, his presentation in Asprona bullfight in Albacete and his success in Burgos, Cuenca, Soria, Pontevedra, Castellón, Alicante, Murcia, Málaga, Huelva...etc. The balance was 97 bullfights, 195 ears, 7 tails and 59 big doors. He pardoned the life of Sevillano, from Aquilino Fraile in Alcaraz (Albacete).

In 2004 there was another important change in David´s life. Antonio García Jiménez, Toño Matilla, began to manage his career. El Fandi introduced two new men to the team, the banderillero Juan Montiel and the picador Juan de Dios Quinta.

It was the beggining of his consagration as a bullfighter. Finally in 2005 he reached the top of clasification with 104 bullfights, 205 ears, 10 tails, 63 big doors and his 9th pardoned bull, Desocupado, from Zalduendo. He lived a memorable afternoon in the Sevilla Fair where he was very close to openening the big door after cutting off two ears.

But the best bullfight in his life would came on May 28 th when he fought six bulls alone in the Corpus Fair in Granada and provided a heroic deed. Although he was seriously injured by the thrid bull in his leg and was operated on for 45 minutes by surgeon José Sánchez Ortiz, he returned to the bullring to kill the rest of the bulls with two serious wounds in his leg. He cut 7 ears and one tail and went out of the big door leaving behind an emotional crowd. He even brought many spectators to tears.

In 2005 more changes were made to team, bringing the banderillero Oscar Padilla and the picador Juan Manuel González.

David topped the clasification in 2006 after 108 bullfights, 221 ears, 15 tails and 72 big doors. He was sought after by all the major fairs and bullfights that year, including Granada, Madrid, Logroño, Alicante, Castellón, Linares, Jaén, Logroño, Salamanca, Barcelona and Almería. His bullfighting continued to improved. In America he recieved the Gold Rosario in Maracaibo (Venezuela) for his big triumph and successed in Quito (Ecuador) with Cesar Jimenez under one deluge.

In 2007 his ranking fell following an injury to his right index finger suffered in the Leon Fair on June 24th. This day marked a turning point in the year. Before he had triumphed in Barcelona and Granada. After the injury he lost 25 bullfights in month and a half. However  he returned to triumph in Palencia, Barcelona, Úbeda, Zaragoza y Fuengirola, where he killed six bulls. At the end of Octuber he experienced two contrasting days. The first day his banderillero Basilio Martín was seriously injured in Torre Pacheco (Murcia). On the second day David Fandila gave the alternativa, for first time in his career, to one of his best friends, the bullfighter Curro Jimenez in the San Lucas Fair in Jaen. El Fandi and Curro Jiménez opened the big door that day.
In America he triumphed in Maracaibo, Quito and Maracay. In Maracay he recieved for the fourth time “The Golden Pen”, from sport journalists, for winning the bullfight.

2008 is a successful year for David Fandila 'El Fandi', which returns to show off a great regularity in the win. He reached the top of clasification with 111 bullfights, 263 ears, 22 tails, 85 big doors and two pardoned bulls, ‘Valeroso’ de Santiago Domecq (May 18 in Los Barrios, Cadiz) y 'Anegado', de Julio de la Puerta (August 17 in Baeza, Jaén).

That year he triumphed in such important places like Valencia, Córdoba, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Granada. In his city he is the maximum victor for the ninth consecutive year in the Corpus Fair.

Other important bullrings in 2008 were Castellon, Leon, Teruel, Jerez de la Frontera , Burgos, Almería, Linares, Roquetas, Cuenca, Murcia, Valladolid, Zamora, Ciudad Real, Huelva, Gijon, Albacete, Aranjuez, Vitoria, Pontevedra, San Fernando, Marbella, Alicante and Linea de la Concepción.

In South America David Fandila adds more succesful in places as prestigious as Quito, Acho, Maracaibo and Venezuela.

In November he traveled to New York to be present in the premiere of his great film, Matador, and run in the traditional Marathon. Despite not having had time to make a specific preparation was able to complete the entire route with his brother Juan Alvaro and his friend Rufo del Castillo.

The New York City Marathon tested his great physical preparation but another marathon, much harder than that, was his 2009 season. David Fandila 'El Fandi' returned to be the leader of the bullfighter’s list for the fourth year. He showed his great ambition and complete tauromaquia. The season in America was short but he had important successes in the bullrings. When he began the season in Spain his challenge was to demostrate his new artistic dimension. He improved his statistics in the best bullrings, kept his regularity in the second category and tested in the third that for him the most important is the public’s respect.

The first fairs showed he is in plenitude, with successes in Castellón, Alicante, Valencia and Córdoba. El Fandi returned to San Isidro and Granada’s Fair, where he got good critisisms although he had bad fortune with his bulls and his sword.

In Pamplona David lived a hard and very special day because of the death of Daniel Jimeno, a young man that lost his life some hours before in the running of the bulls. El Fandi had to kill the bull ‘Capuchino’, from Jandilla, that finished with Daniel’s life and dedicated his great performance to Daniel’s memory. The public rewarded it with one ear.

David Fandila ‘El Fandi’ succeeded along the year in almost all bullrings and finished his season with spectacular stadistics: 98 bullfights, 220 ears and 18 tails. He pardoned the life of four bulls: 'Aviador', from Santiago Domecq, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), 'Saladito', from La Dehesilla, in Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real), 'Listorro', from Torrealta, in Pontevedra y 'Esterilla', from Toros de Jarrama, en Tomelloso (Ciudad Real). In conclusion, another complete season.

Besides the great professional achievements that David got in 2010 this year will be especially important because of two celebrations for the history: the tenth aniversary like matador and the bullfight number one thousand.

The first of them will be in Almería, in 28th August, where El Fandi fought six bulls alone in the last bullfight of the fair. It was the fourth time that David Fandila was the main actor of the bullfight in his career.

That afternoon he got six ears in one bullfight with a lot of brilliant moments. The most important of them happened against the fifth bull. The bullring suffered one blackout meanwhile he was doing his performance but he was able to finish it and make people enjoy in the context of a unforgetable event.

Only a few weeks after, 18th Septiember, he celebrated in Murcia’s Fair his bullfight number one thousand. Only few privileged bullfighters have got this dificult quantity in History of Tauromaquia.

In 2010 David Fandila returned to the highest place in the bullfighters’ list after a sensational year, plenty of regularity in the triumph and professionality. He did his best in all the fairs and surprised in Córdoba, Valencia, Madrid, Pamplona, Málaga, Barcelona, Zaragoza… When 2010 finished the estadistics were very clear: 106 bullfights (11 of them in América) y one result of de 215 ears and 12 tails. He pardoned the life to three bulls: ‘Galito’, from La Ahumada, ‘Tulipán’, from Torrehandilla, y ‘Tomatero’, from Gavira.


David is involved in charity campaigns and calendars and fights many bullfights for charity groups as Spanish Cancer Association, Down´s Syndrome Association in Granada  and other humanitarian associations. One of his most important campaigns was for “working women” and the conciliation between family life and labor life.  Every year, on January 2nd he organizes a charity soccer match for poor children, “The Match of Illusion”.  The challenge is to get a lot of toys for the kids. Spanish Red Cross and the City of Granada collaborate too. In 2005, he got 3,700 toys, in 2006, 4,200, in 2007, 4,953 and in 2008, 3,817. Every year he organizes a bullfight in Huéscar (Granada) for the physically, mentally and sensorly handicapped.

Very personal

One dream

To enjoy life

One unfulfilled dream

To triumph in Madrid

One city to live


One city to relax


One color


One superstition

Not to put the montera on the bed

A weakness

My friends






Homemade desserts

One film

"A beautiful mind"

One actress

Julia Roberts

One actor

Nicolas Cage

One book

The Cossio


Relaxing music

Blond or brunette

Both of them

Soccer team

Barcelona F.C

Favourite Sport

All sports

Favourite athlete

Ronaldo (soccer player)


Woody Woodpecker

Virgin or Christ to which you devote yourself 

La Virgen de las Angustias and el Cristo del Silencio

Country side or city


Beach or mountain


Favourite memories of childhood

Siera Nevada mountains

Favourite time of the day


Favourite day of the week


The woman to which you would devote a bullfight

My mother